Airis Mystica II

Airis Mystica II

Airis Mystica II

Airis Mystica II Cartridge Vaporizer

A compact, variable voltage oil cartridge battery set from Airistech

Cartridges are gaining a lot of new popularity as a way to vape your concentrates. With many different types of carts, there has to be different kinds of batteries to power them. We will shine the light on our favorite vaporizer for cartridges, the Airis Mystica II. So small and lightweight, it'll barely be noticed by everyone else. 

Cartridges come in different sizes as far with the diameter, luckily Airistech already took that into consideration. The Mystica II has a wide opening to fit any diameter of cart and it includes adaptor pieces to fit your cart into the battery. Don't worry about if your cart is secure or not, the battery has a super strong magnet that holds your cart in place without making it a challenge to put in or take out. 

The Mystica II also has cartridge adaptors to fit onto the bottom of carts to secure the magnetic connection is the cart isn't magnet compatible, being able to fit two main cartridge sizes. Not only that, but it is designed with an oil window to keep an eye on how full or empty your cart is so you can be aware of when it's time to change carts. 

Of course with all the other amazing features taken into consideration, the Mystica II has three different heating options, each one tailored to give the perfect pull. Other cartridge vaporizers many not have as strong of temperature options or at least not as accurate of voltage settings but Airistech made sure that wasn't the case for their products. 

Airistech is already known to make great products for concentrates and vaping, and the Mystica II is no exception to the standards they've created. The design takes all the elements of cartridges and vaping into consideration so that the user has very little to nothing to worry about aside from going out and getting the best cartridge they can find.

-Casselberry Climax