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Posted by Alex Peminski

JBD- Q Ball Milli Marble (OLD SCHOOL)

  • Alright Climax family, today we have an awesome Bong to talk about and it's coming to you, here: CLIMAX SMOKE SHOPS, all the way from Jerome Baker Designs in Austin Texas. Its called the Q-Ball Millionaire Marble. Guys and gals, this is the water pipe you get if you are a fan of water pipe history. Studio Glass Art didn't really come to light until around the 1970’s. Even as recent as the early 19th century, glass was scarcely used. Once modern techniques like the blow torch were involved, glass was more easily manufactured. In this period that our elders refer to as the late 60’s and early 70’s, water pipes were straight tubed, fat bottomed, and the bowl pieces sat snug with the help of a rubber “O” ring. The Q-ball Millionaire Marble takes you back to those days. The unit itself stands less than a full foot. The can or vase is a beautifully rounded bubble shape about an inch and a half tall. Just like most water pipes it has a downstem to force smoke through water. The bowl piece sits snug with a rubber grommit instead of the prefered “glass to glass” fit. What is very modern about the Q-Ball is that the entire base of the pipe is fumed with silver to give that awesome gold tint that will seem to change color forever. Q-ball is covered in glossy pictures that are fused onto the pipe’s neck, the way marbles are colored then made spherical. The Q-ball millionaire is an outstanding blend of classic and newly developed glass blowing techniques. Remember, fastest place to get your hands on the Q-ball Millionaire Marble is here; CLIMAX SMOKE SHOPS.