Formula 420 Cleaner

Formula 420 Cleaner

Formula 420 Cleaner

Formula 420 

Original Cleaner

"Simply Shake, Rinse, And Enjoy!"

Formula 420 is one of the most popular pipe and bong cleaners there is in the world of smoke, and it has every reason to be. It is the only cleaner that removes gunk and resin in 1 minute. Quick and easy to use, Formula 420 can be used on multiple different type of materials; glass, ceramic, pyrex, silicone, and even metal stand no chance against this cleaner. Not only is it great at cleaning your piece, but it also has odor neutralizing chemicals that guarantee the cleanest, tastiest rip every time. Made out of biodegradable, nontoxic chemicals, there is no need to worry about any danger after cleaning your piece. 


Thanks to Formula 420, the overall cleaning process of your pipe has been reduced significantly.  With only 3 easy to follow steps and only needing 1 minute to clean on your piece, the hassle is over.

Step 1: Shake the bottle thoroughly and pour an even amount of Formula 420 into the item

Step 2: Cover all openings and shake for 1 minute

Step 3: Thoroughly rinse item under warm water, wash hands and enjoy!

*For Smaller Items: place object in a sealable bag then follow directions*

"I tried this out myself and I was genuinely surprised with how fast it works. A few shakes and in less than a minute my piece was clean and it really does work on multiple materials, I have mostly glass and a few small metal pieces."

-Casselberry Climax