Waterpipe Wednesday: Rembrandt Glass Works & UBS

Waterpipe Wednesday: Rembrandt Glass Works & UBS

I consider myself a water pipe expert and have had my fair share of them but Rembrandt Glassworks just keeps-on surprising me. The art, the Percolators, everything. The design is outstanding.

I picked up this Rembrandt piece from Climax Smoke Shop (online here) and it has a lot of really cool features:

  • A detachable Sherlock mouthpiece
  • Frosted glass design
  • A Honeycomb percolator
  • A very stable base

The water pipe is an average size of 24", which is a great size in my opinion. Some people prefer a silicone piece to avoid risking a drop and break, but this glass one feels very thick so I'm not too worried about breaking it. It's very sleek looking and chic. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a sexy-looking glass water pipe that’s durable, effective, and easy to clean.

I consider UBS is the outlaw of water pipes. Since this particular water pipe, the UBS Lava 35,  was so popular, I purchased it online from Climax Smoke Shop to make sure I wouldn't miss out (you can buy it here). UBS Glass makes really unique glass pieces that are unique and out of the ordinary.

For example, this piece has an alien inside...Yes, an alien holding the bowl attachment. Coming down from the alien is a diffused cool-looking stem. My friends love it and I get lots of compliments because of how interesting and "out there" it is.

This one has pretty thick glass too, and for more grip, UBS even added frosted glass around the mouthpiece, middle section, and base in an oval pattern.

This piece is truly an artistic piece. I love having it around the house and when I'm not smoking out of it,  I have it on a shelf to stare at while I smoke.

Highly recommended.