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  • Rebuildable Atomizer Tutorial for Beginners

    Posted by Alex Peminski

    Sometimes tanks just don't cut it! Moving into rebuildables can be confusing so let us here at Climax Smoke Shop make things easier for you!


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  • Vaping for Beginners

    Posted by Alex Peminski

    Are you interested in an “Electronic Cigarette” or “MOD?”  The first question you need to ask yourself is: Are you addicted to smoking, are you addicted to nicotine, or both? If you’re addicted to smoking, then a good sub ohm tank is what you need. If you’re addicted to nicotine, you are going to be looking for a simple e-cigarette. And if you are addicted to both, there are some options somewhere in the middle for you. And, if you just want to vape for the pure fun of it then there is something for you too!!

    Here’s a quick overview of what a MOD, Tank, and Coil Atomizer are:

    • A MOD is used to power your tank.
      • Sometimes these mods have built in batteries which are good for people who are looking for a simple, “not too much; just the right amount of smoke and flavor”, like the CoolFire IV.
      • The mods that have external special batteries that need to be taken out to recharge are for people who are looking for those awesome, huge, thick clouds, and amazing flavor.  A great option for that would be something like the Sigelei 200Watt MOD.
    • Tanks are a long story.. They are simple, but there are a LOT of them and each one comes with its own pros & cons.  
      • They are essentially mouth pieces connected to a pyrex (or poly) tank that is connected to an atomizer or “coil” if you will.
      • If you are looking for a good throat hit with thick clouds and great flavor i'd recommend tanks like the Aspire and the Kangertech Tanks.
      • If you are looking for a smooth somewhat thick clouds and good flavor i'd recommend something like the Aspire Nautilus.
    • An “Atomizer” or “Coil” can refer to a lot of different things.  
      • Basically, the atomizer consists of a metal coil wrapped around a wick of some kind.
      • Most tanks come with a replaceable atomizer, which is SUPER easy to change out.

    When it comes to what you need to put inside your tank, that is called “E-Juice” or “E-Liquid”. The best way to explain E-Juice is that it's the substance that is put into your tank to replace smoking your legal dry herbs.

    • It is made up of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin).
      • The ratio of vg and pg varies depending on your needs.
        • If you’re trying to get off of nicotine, I'd recommend a 50/50 blend and not to go higher than 50% in your VG.
      • Now the lower the VG is, the less thick your juice will be which is good for people who are trying to quit nicotine. The higher you go in VG, the more thick the juice and that's for people who are trying to get those really big clouds and throat hits to quit cigarettes for the addiction of smoking.
    • There are a lot of different mg of nicotine ranging from 0 to 64. That will all be determined by how much you used to smoke.

    Now back to the original question!

    • If your answer was to quit smoking because your are addicted to the calming feel of smoking, then you need a mod and tank that gives you the same sensation as smoking a cigarette, which would be that throat hit.
    • I would recommend you look into a more powerful mod and tank, or RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) and RBA (ReBuildable  Atomizer). This will give you a lot of smoke and flavor which will quench your thirst for a good throat hit of a cigarette, without the gross taste of one at the same time. So for you guys i'd recommend something like Kangertech and Aspire tanks, and Sigelei and CoolFire mods.
    • For those of you who are just addicted to nicotine, I'd recommend something a little lighter and less powerful that will give you your fix of nicotine. This will include the Flow tanks and CE4’s.
      • These mods take a lot more of the 50/50 blend of PG and VG but you always wanna stay 50% or under in VG if you want to use those tanks.
      • Instead of using watts these tanks use volts. And they don't go higher than 4.8.
    • For those of you who are addicted to cigarettes for both nicotine and smoking I’d recommend tanks like the Aspire Cleto and Kangatek Nanos, and mods like the CoolFire and Sigelei.
      • They give off either a lot of smoke and a lot of flavor or if you want more nicotine it can be made to give off less smoke while still keeping the flavor.

    I wouldn't recommend you getting into the RDA’s & RBA’s until you do your research and are a lot more experienced in vaping but that's if you want these massive clouds and amazing flavor. It gives you the freedom of building your own coils so u can chose how much power, clouds, and flavor you can get.

    Stop by any Climax location today for an even more detailed run-down of all of our products specifically and their benefits!

    • Fred, DT Climax Expert

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  • Wax Vaporizers before you buy

    Posted by Engy Ibragim


    Atmos Junior- Ahh the Atmos Junior. What's there not to say about this little pocket buddy right here. One tidbit about the Atmos Junior is its dual functionality. Thats right Climax Smoke Shop fans, the Atmos burns concentrates AND legal dry herbs like Tobacco or Coltsfoot. The Atmos Junior uses a classic stove top or spiral coil, great for ensuring that all your concentrates are vaporized. Probably one of the most comfortable portable vaporizers on the market.

    Junior Camouflage- Talk about an affordable concentrates vaporizer. Thats right, climax is home to the Junior Camouflage. Not to be confused with the Atmos Junior, however it is still compatible with Atmos Junior threadings. The Junior Camo is a completely portable pen style wax vaporizer that uses a spiral coil as its heating element.  The metal coil sits perfectly at the bottom of the the ceramic heating chamber right above the battery. This is the best placement possible for a vaporizer of this class because all concentrate materials will melt and merge downward, onto the coil.  The best part about this vaporizer is that Climax Smoke Shops have it for 40% off in stores!

    Stok R2 Pen- So…. we’re on the town, frequent pedestrians around, smoking is dead and not to mention rude, but vaping is far ahead, and makes for a better mood. Talk about inconspicuous. #ThisThingRips has produced a higher standard for the average “Wax Pen.” Off the bat, the Stok R2 model(Stok, a portable vaporizer brand which produces the #ThisthingRiPs line) has a cover cap to conceal the mouth piece of the unit. What  makes this cover cap so great is that with its clip the device looks like nothing more than a classy gel pen. Five clicks of the firing button activates the battery. This built in safety feature ensures the coil won’t burn unintentionally, let’s say in your pocket while you skate to the grocery store. The battery life is more than sufficient for large sessions. The ceramic heating chamber is moderately sized, but can be loaded repeatedly before battery life begins to die. Charging time is breeze too as from emtpy to full takes about less than 2 hours. Upon first charge out of the box however, #ThisThingRips recommends an eight hour charge for the battery to hold the intended maximum charge.

    OG FOUR 2.0 Pen- Another great vaporizer pen made for concentrates; the OG Four 2.0 by #thisThingRips is to the Stok R2, what Riachu is to Pikachu. Both Riachu and the OG Four 2.0 are advanced versions of their predecessor, but the OG brings more upgrades. Besides the five click safety loc, the OG has several new features separate from the Stok R2. The first is the new Lava-Quartz technology. Trading ceramic for a chamber completely made up of Lava-Quartz gives the OG a lower burn temperature. This allows for a 50% longer rip time.  Underneath the Volcanic Quartz Chamber are the air flow ports. The OG has four ports for a more effortless draw instead of two, while you vape.

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  • Vape Mods

    Posted by Climax Expert

    Coolfire IV


    It seems as though the world of e-cigs and vaping is expanding faster than the Universe. And choosing a mod is as frustrating as solving a sudoku puzzle. Blind-folded. So we at Climax Smoke Shop are going to break down the newest mods and help you figure out the best fit for you.

    First thing’s first:  What is a “Mod”? The “Mod” is the “meat” in the vaping stew. The battery, if you will. These come in various shapes and sizes, but a few of our staff  favorites at Climax are the sleek small Coolfire IV, the compact all in one NeBox by Kangertech, and the power house triple battery Reuleaux.

    Just as important as the mod is your tank, RBA (rebuildable atomizer) or RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer). Do you want a simple fill n’ go tank? Go for an iSub G by Innokin. You’ll get great vapor production and amazing flavor with organic cotton coils and adjustable airflow. Looking for something a little more advanced but still has a reservoir for eliquid? Go for the Top Tank by Kangertech. It comes with a build deck for complete customization, but allows for users to install their pre-made organic cotton coils (if you aren’t build savvy). Maybe you want a different flavor of eliquid every four to five pulls; go for our Helix RDA. Drip atomizers (attys) are for advanced users that want to build their own coils. You drip eliquid onto threaded cotton, yielding an amazing flavor.

    The newest addition to a lot of our mods and tanks is the ability to adjust temperature. The benefits of this include: no more soul crushing dry hits & conservation of eliquid and battery life. In order to utilize the temperature control features on our mods you must use a coil constructed out of nickel, titanium, stainless steel or nichrome (a combination of 80% nickel and 20% chromium). Although most of our mods come equipped with a VV/VW setting to allow users to still use traditional coils made with kanthal wire,  only use the nickel, titanium, stainless steel or nichrome coils on temperature control mods with the temperature control setting in use. Still feeling a little “donkey-brained” when it comes to vaping? Stop by any of our five Climax Smoke Shops and ask one of our experts to clarify further.  Happy vaping, friends!

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  • Recycling: It’s Not Just for the Environment

    Posted by Climax Expert

    Recycler gif photo recycler_zpsaauzsrau.gif

            Glass technology and innovation go hand-in-hand and are continuously changing. New percolators and other similar components of water pipes are being invented and tweaked all the time. Scientific glass really has been built on the shoulders of giants. Take it from a Climax Expert, it can be overwhelming keeping up with modern glass tech. So in this post we are going to take a quick look at recyclers. We’ll focus on what they achieve as well as how they work alongside percolators and water to achieve those silky smooth rips.

            So what is a recycler? A recycler is a series of waterways and chambers that help disperse thermal energy and add what’s known as diffusion (diffusion is the interaction between smoke and water). This in turn cools off the smoke and aids in diffusion by — you guessed it — recycling the water. In order for a recycler to work, a water pipe must have at least 2 different chambers of varying height from the base of the pipe to the mouthpiece. These chambers are interconnected by “tunnels” that carry smoke and water between them. The smoke travels first class all the way to the top. There are many different types of recyclers and some glass blowers have really taken them to the next level by even adding multiple ones in a single piece!

            Let’s break down what is really happening inside: Keep in mind that water pipes work because of differences in the form of negative air pressure (a.k.a inhaling). Gotta love science, right? So starting out, the smoke is pulled into the bottom chamber from the bowl or nail. From the bottom chamber, the smoke diffuses and water helps deliver smoke bubbles onward. It is due to these pressure changes inside of the glass that the smoke and water are pulled into the top chamber, leading to the smoke rising to the mouthpiece and the water being pulled back to the bottom. The process of water carrying the smoke to the top repeats while this negative air pressure is occurring.

            This may be a summary, but it helps illustrate the how and why recyclers work. Also think about adding percolators to the mix. More diffusion? I’m all in. Check out the pics above to get a better idea; seeing is believing! And make sure to stop by your neighborhood Climax Smoke Shop and check out all of the awesome recycler pieces that we have in stock. There’s a piece out there for everybody. Let us help you find it!

    - Climax Expert, FS

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