Climax Glass 16" Triple HoneyComb | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by Climax Expert

        One of my personal favorite water pipes for many reasons (and not only because I own one myself); is our Climax glass straight tube triple honeycomb water pipe. The triple honeycomb water pipe at Climax Smoke Shop is a 16 inch straight tube with a sturdy base and if you have a cat (or any animal) like me, you will appreciate that this piece is not so easy to knock over. I personally like taller water pipes because in addition to percolators, the taller the water pipe, the cooler your smoke will be. This water pipe is a locally blown borosilicate glass piece that is exclusively distributed through all Climax Smoke Shop locations. Borosilicate glass is known for its fine quality and no thermal expansion; therefore, as your water pipe gets hot, the glass will not expand like other glass causing to break your bowl, nail, ash catcher or any other extension you may use on your water pipe.

        In addition, honeycomb percolators are my favorite by far because of the silky smooth and intensely filtered hit that follows. Honeycomb disc percolators have more diffusion than any other percolator because there is typically 30 small holes in which the smoke passes through. The fact that this piece has three honeycomb discs guarantees your smoking experience to be that much more enjoyable and less stress on your lungs. For an affordable price at Climax Smoke Shop, you can’t go wrong with this triple honeycomb beauty.

- Climax Expert, FS