G-Priv 2 Review | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by JOE Romi Nik Digilio

Luxurious, sharp and elegant, the G Priv 2 kit offers all the pro’s of the first kit and then some, while somehow making it look so much better. The upgraded kit offers an extra 10 watts compared to it’s little brother, and a sharper resolution to its screen, not to mention a sharper body look as well. Bulkier and more angular, the G priv 2 follows the tradition of a bar trigger, while also having a second button above to lock and unlock the screen. Speaking of, the easily maneuverable screen provides an easy way to adjust the total 230 possible wattage through a high tech styled but simple to use menu, while also offering colorful options for customers to choose from. Overall reviewers have had many roses thrown on this product in their blog posts, praising its ease of use, beauty of design, and excellence of quality.