History of the Hookah | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by JOE Romi Nik Digilio

Hookahs is a form of smoking, from ancient times in India. It wasn't just a form of smoking or a custom, buta form of prestige and presentation. The  Rich and low class classes would smoke hookahs. Hookah is a very presentable,beautiful art always different never the same. Differences in the flavor,water level,water temperature and many more variants that all equal to a unique hookah expires. They come in many different sizes and style. Glass bottoms, brass bottoms. Wood hookahs, aluminum, copper.  One hose, two hose, three ,four. Ceramic bowls, clay bowls. Harmony bowl style, bottom air holes, top air holes as you see the types, styles and differences just keep on going to make a hookah yours, so not only can the experience change but the look and style can to. Everything i have named all have a unique way in how the hookah will smoke. Hookah can help with make regular nights just that much better, a night with friends a movie even a meal experience can be enhanced with the use of a well prepared hookah session. Preparing a good hookah session is tricky if you don't know where to start. There's a few guidelines to abide by,  starting with the water level can't be too low can't be to high a good point of reference is to always fill past the perculasation tube at least half a inch and no more than a inch and a half of head room. When filling the bowl keep in mind the more shisha the longer the session will last but if you fill the bowl too much and the shisha is touching the aluminum fowl you will place on the top of the bowl you will burn the shisha creating a very harsh and unpleasant session, also if you pack the bowl to tight with shisha it will reduce the airflow through the hookah. The fowl is going to be how the bowl will keep the heat from dispersing but also keep the coal from touching the shisha again  protecting the shisha from burning ang giving off the harsh flavor. Adding toothpick sized holes to the fowl will allow the airflow to flow past the call heating the coal during the inhale. Moving the coal around the bowl will allow the bowl to burn evenly and will also avoid burning the shisha. Ashing the coal should be routinely accounting process allowing the coal to sit un-ashed will cause a low temp coal or a out coal, the ash around the coal is a good insulator not allowing the full potential of the coal to heat the bowl also a un-ashed coal will have no airflow witch will tribute a low temperature coal.