How to fill your torch

How to fill your torch

Hold your torch in hand and bleed it. No old butane can be in the tank if you’re going to refill it.

  1. Face the torch right side up.
  2. Turn off the gas valve.
  3. Get a screwdriver and press with it into the port.
  4. Continue pressing until hissing stops.

Purging the chamber avoids bubbles of old and new butane within the chamber. Once this is done and all old butane has left the chamber, you can begin to refill the tank.

  1. Turn the torch upside down.
  2. Push the nozzle of the refill canister into the refill port
  3. Continue pressure until full, otherwise risk camaging chamber.

Always remember to face the nozzle of the torch away from you at all times.

Whylaff 10/27/18