How To Use a Nectar Collector

How To Use a Nectar Collector

How To Use a Nectar Collector

With concentrates becoming more and more popular in the smoking world, especially as CBD concentrate becomes more readily available, new and simpler ways to enjoy your concentrate experience have been developed. A Nectar Collector is equivalent to a dry herb hand-pipe but for those who prefer using concentrates.

The Basics:
A Nectar Collector has three main parts: the base, the mouthpiece, and the tip. The mouthpiece is traditionally a straight stem piece with a joint at one end. The base is a chamber with two female joint attachments at either end. Some of these chambers include basic diffused downstem percolator. Most kits, including our nectar collectors carried in Climax stores, will include both a quartz and a titanium tip. The titanium tip is a nice option because of its durability, as the nectar collector has multiple joints and is used vertically. Gravity can work against you here, but any concern about keeping your quartz un-shattered can be remedied with a keck joint clip.

Step One: Fill the Base with Water (Depending on Material)
Because concentrates must reach very high temperatures to burn, protect yourself by passing the smoke through a water filtration system. The Base, if it includes an appropriate perc, can be filled with water. However, some nectar collectors, such as the silicone variety, often are NOT able to be filled as there is no percolator inside them to keep the water inside the chamber.

Step Two: Assemble Your Nectar Collector
Though this may seem obvious, by simply looking at the pieces of a nectar collector, you may not have any idea on how to assemble it. Make sure that the long straight glass mouthpiece is attached on one end of the base, and the titanium or quartz tip is attached on the other.

Step 3: Heat Your Tip
Heat the titanium tip of the nectar collector until it is faintly glowing red, using a torch or other powerful heating device. Be VERY careful to not burn yourself with the torch or on the heated tip.

Step 4: Submerge Tip, and Inhale!
Wait a few seconds for the red hot tip to cool slightly, then submerge the heated tip into your concentrate, which can often be placed directly into a glass dish provided in a kit. Inhale as you submerge your tip and remove once you have filled your nectar collector with as much vapor as you’d like to inhale.

Step 5: Exhale, and Repeat.
Exhale your smoke, and keep in mind that concentrates are harsher, so smaller inhales for a novice may be more comfortable. For more, repeat steps 3-5!

Lunsford Hannah