Make Cleaning Your Pipe Easier | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by Alex Peminski

Dragon pipe cleaners are a simple and incredibly affordable option to help keep your glass clean. Oftentimes pieces can have small crevices and small percolators that can get gunked up after use. Dragon pipe cleaners allow you to reach those small places that you usually would not be able to reach. Dragon pipe cleaners come in two options, either soft or bristled. The soft pipe cleaners are best for a gentle clean while the bristle pipe cleaners all you to scrub for a more intense clean if need be. Dragon pipe cleaners are also great for bowls of water pipes as they are the perfect size to reach every little corner. Climax locations offer both the soft and bristle pipe cleaners for $3.99 and each pack includes 44 normal sized pipe cleaners. For just a few bucks, this is a popular solution for most people with hard to reach areas in their glass. I have personally used these pipe cleaners and love the bristle pipe cleaners for my water pipe. They are disposable so you do not have to worry about cleaning them for reuse and the bundle of 44 lasts for quite a while!

Mackenzie G