Nail Materials

Nail Materials

Nail Materials

When it comes to rigs, the material of nail you use can make huge differences to your experience.The nail is the part of the rig that is heated and concentrate is placed on. The main factors for finding the right nail are durability, taste, and how fast it heats up and stays hot. Concentrate is expensive, so it is imperative to find the right type of nail that will fit your needs. The four main materials nails can be are glass, quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Each type comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Glass Nails

Positive: -Easy to clean

  -produce good flavor

  -inexpensive, come standard with most rigs

Negative: -Cannot withstand high levels of heat

    -must be heated slowly at lower temperature

    -can shatter under too high temps

    -prone to chipping, cracking, and breaking over time

Quartz Nails

Positive: -Produces great clean flavor

  - easy to clean

  -can withstand higher heat levels


  - heats up quickly

Negative: -Cools very quickly

   - must be quick to get concentrate onto it before cooling or else it can be wasted

Ceramic Nails

Positive: -fairly easy to clean

  - produces good flavor

  -retains heat for a long time

  -can stand higher temperatures

Negative: -Takes longer to heat up

   - harder to heat evenly

   -break easily when dropped

   -can produce burnt flavor for some users

   -does not change color when heated, so it can be difficult to know when it is ready, which can lead to scorched concentrate and heat stress on the nail

Titanium Nails

Positive: -Most durable material

   - Heats up quickly and evenly, only about 15-20 seconds

    -Retains heat for up to 20-40 seconds

    -Versatile in size, can even be adjustable to fit any rig

    -Can have attached carb caps

    -Very easy to clean

Negative: -Must be sure it is medical grade 1 or 2 titanium, titanium with   

       fillers/different materials is prone to wear/bad flavor, or could  

      even be harmful to use over time

    -Can have a metallic taste or not give best flavor

    -Can overheat and melt concentrate