Perculators | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by JOE Romi Nik Digilio

Waterpipe not hitting hard enough? Might be time to throw the whole thing away and invest in a new one. Before tossing that old beaker and purchasing a shiny new piece of glass first check to see if your old pipe has any percolators. Percolators filter and cool the smoke you’re about to intake making it easier to smoke, healthier for you, and ultimately more potent.

Here at Climax we offer many kinds of percolators including the Honeycomb percolator which uses the tiny holes in its disc to break up the smoke and water to cause more interaction which would in turn cause more filtration.
We also offer waterpipes with Showerhead percolators. These percolators have small slits or holes to increase filtration but while still effective they offer lesser diffusion than the other percolators.

The last kind of percolator that we I will discuss is the Tree percolator. Tree percolators offer the greatest level of diffusion. Each arm of a tree perc has slits on the sides. Smaller slits willresult in greater filtration, so the more arms you have the better.

Jaquan Pryce