SMOK Devilkin and Majesty Kit Review | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by JOE Romi Nik Digilio

The SMOK Majesty mod is a significantly older model, released over a year ago, while the SMOK Devilkin mod is a bit newer, being released in late spring 2018. Both mods have overall great reviews, most websites averaging over 4.5/5 stars. When purchasing the mod kits, the two mods come with different tanks. The majesty comes with the classic baby beast tank while the Devilkin is paired with the Prince V12 tank. This alone can influence the customer, as many people have preferred tanks. When held, the Majesty seems significantly more durable than the Devilkin, yet the Devilkin is significantly lighter. Both mods function very similarly with exactly the same voltage variance and settings. Due to the difference in age, the Majesty is a bit more affordable than the Devilkin ($86.99 vs. $99.99 at Climax stores). Either way, both of these mods work great long term and most customers are extremely happy with their choice. I have not received any complaints on either device from our customers and am likely to recommend it to anyone looking for a great long term vape.