SMOK E-Priv Review | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by Madison Marston

The SMOK E Priv is one of SMOK’s newest products and is currently available at Climax locations for $99.99. It’s easiest to begin with what makes the E Priv different than other, older SMOK models. Based on personal opinions and youtube reviews, this model seems extremely sturdy compared to other SMOK devices and seems more durable. This is most likely attributed to the ‘engine-like’ design that SMOK implemented for the E Priv. It also has a larger fire button to not only make vaping more comfortable, but also allow for an even bigger cloud. The screen appears brighter and sharper than older models, but all settings remain virtually the same amongst all models. Lastly, the E Priv introduced dual mesh coils in the basic starter kit, which SMOK claims will provide a smoother, larger vape. Based on multiple reviews, many customers love the mod itself, but do not feel that the mesh coils are anything special. SMOK has made the E Priv compatible with regular (non-mesh) Prince coils as well. While not outwardly advertised by SMOK, the new battery door locks in much better than past models and seems significantly sturdier. Other than these few improvements, the E Priv works similarly to past models, delivering the same quality expected from SMOK devices.



Mackenzie Gray