Sourin Air | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by Alex Peminski

Looking to get a Sourin Drop but don’t have $40 bucks to fork over? Never fear Sourin is here with a brand-new vaping device called the Sourin Air, which we at Climax have priced at $23 or about half of the cost the Sourin Drop.
The Air has a very sleek design looking like a credit card almost. This led me to believe that it would feel cheap in the hand but instead, it felt very compact and solid which was surprising considering how light it is as well. It is very simple to use too as there are no buttons just an on and off switch. In addition to a top-notch design, the Sourin Air also has great functionality. The battery comes with a 400mAh capacity, which is outstanding again when its size is considered. The coil
is built into the tank so you can’t change one without the other not that you’ll be changing it frequently anyway as the Air is great on juice. The tank is made of plastic and it slots right into the top the Air. Though the Air isn’t built to produce clouds it’s still a great vape that can be used as a beginner vape, a stealth vape, or it can also be used as a backup if your mod is dead or you just need to move light and don’t feel like lugging your whole mod with you.