Suorin Vagon | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by Engy Ibragim

The Suorin Vagon Ultra-Portable System comes to us in the formidable wake of the Suorin Air card-style pod system, an original design that amazed the market last year by becoming one of the best-selling items of summer 2017. The Vagon Pod System features a compact size rivaling that of the JUUL, a curved ergonomic chassis, and an upgraded 430mAh internal battery, promising a satisfactory Nic Salt vaping experience and possibly more. The construction of the Vagon has been celebrated online as extremely high-quality and practical, including notes about a long-lasting connection and tight draw, anti-leaking measures, and resilient battery life. The vagon cost 32.99 and its pod are only 5.99 in addition.