The Evolution of the Joker

The Evolution of the Joker

The Evolution of the Joker

From Cesar Romero in the Batman T.V Series (66-68 / Movie 66) to Jared Leto in Suicide Squad the character of The Joker has evolved over the years. Often comical most certainly villainous. One of batman’s long time nemesis the Joker by definition can be described as  Psychopath. A Psychopath sometimes also known as sociopathy is traditionally defined as a personality disorder characterized  by persistent antisocial behaviour, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, uninhibited, egotistical traits.

Heath Ledger’s response when batman asked him. “Why do you want to kill me?” “ I dont wanna kill you! What would I do without you? You complete me.” was priceless This a classic example of someone with a deep rooted personality disorder. Once describing his father a drunk and a fiend it is a good chance he may have been abused as a child.

Jack Nicholson would fall nearer to comical although with some maniacal tendencies. His Joker was light hearted yet deadly. Jack Nicholson vs Michael Keaton as The Batman. Playing the Clown Prince Nicholson definitely left a lasting impression on DC comic fans.

Now with Jared Leto as the last Joker in Suicide Squad we get to see the darker side of the Clown Prince. After spending years in Arkham Asylum his true darkness emerges. It is here that the romance between him and Dr Harleen Quinzel blossoms. Dr. Quinzel who herself suffer same mental trauma at the hands of Joker who tries to kill her only to save her may have some true feels of love for his former psychiatrist.

This Joker enjoys the kill and reminds us of the type of Joker that Heath Ledger brought to the big screen. We definitely look forward to more of Leto’s Joker especially if DC grants him his own stand alone movie. I'd be content with another Suicide Squad.

Whoever plays the Joker after Leto has some sick shoes to fill.. Hope they can live up to the challenge.   

Korya Francis 9.18.18