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Posted by JOE Romi Nik Digilio

Shisha is a flavorful tobacco product dipped in honey or molasses and soaked in glycerin and flavors. The tobacco is placed in a pot with water and boiled multiple times to “clean it”. You’ll then add your base honey or molasse, flavors to your desired taste and finally glycerin. Set aside for at least 1 hour then enjoy.

New studies may suggest that shisha smoking is more addictive than cigarette smoke. Now very popular among younger people shisha smoking is on the rise in the western world. Traditionally smoked by middle eastern and Asian men shisha seems to have somewhat romantic allure to young folks especially Hispanic young adults. It is a very social type of recreational activity made even more popular by hookah lounges.

Common misconceptions about shisha smoking is that it is less harmful than a cigarette, it doesn’t cause cancer and its not addictive. All which are untrue. Smoking shisha is just as if not more so dangerous than smoking a cigarette. First off, a coal is used to heat up the shisha. This causes health problems because you are inhaling many chemicals like carbon monoxide from the coals not intended to be inhaled. As far as the addictive properties many drugs used to help people stop smoking doesn’t work on shisha smokers.

It is also found that shisha smokers also suffer from withdrawal symptoms even if they only consume small amounts or even with infrequent use.

Korya Francis 9.25.18