Wax Vaporizers before you buy | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by Engy Ibragim


Atmos Junior- Ahh the Atmos Junior. What's there not to say about this little pocket buddy right here. One tidbit about the Atmos Junior is its dual functionality. Thats right Climax Smoke Shop fans, the Atmos burns concentrates AND legal dry herbs like Tobacco or Coltsfoot. The Atmos Junior uses a classic stove top or spiral coil, great for ensuring that all your concentrates are vaporized. Probably one of the most comfortable portable vaporizers on the market.

Junior Camouflage- Talk about an affordable concentrates vaporizer. Thats right, climax is home to the Junior Camouflage. Not to be confused with the Atmos Junior, however it is still compatible with Atmos Junior threadings. The Junior Camo is a completely portable pen style wax vaporizer that uses a spiral coil as its heating element.  The metal coil sits perfectly at the bottom of the the ceramic heating chamber right above the battery. This is the best placement possible for a vaporizer of this class because all concentrate materials will melt and merge downward, onto the coil.  The best part about this vaporizer is that Climax Smoke Shops have it for 40% off in stores!

Stok R2 Pen- So…. we’re on the town, frequent pedestrians around, smoking is dead and not to mention rude, but vaping is far ahead, and makes for a better mood. Talk about inconspicuous. #ThisThingRips has produced a higher standard for the average “Wax Pen.” Off the bat, the Stok R2 model(Stok, a portable vaporizer brand which produces the #ThisthingRiPs line) has a cover cap to conceal the mouth piece of the unit. What  makes this cover cap so great is that with its clip the device looks like nothing more than a classy gel pen. Five clicks of the firing button activates the battery. This built in safety feature ensures the coil won’t burn unintentionally, let’s say in your pocket while you skate to the grocery store. The battery life is more than sufficient for large sessions. The ceramic heating chamber is moderately sized, but can be loaded repeatedly before battery life begins to die. Charging time is breeze too as from emtpy to full takes about less than 2 hours. Upon first charge out of the box however, #ThisThingRips recommends an eight hour charge for the battery to hold the intended maximum charge.

OG FOUR 2.0 Pen- Another great vaporizer pen made for concentrates; the OG Four 2.0 by #thisThingRips is to the Stok R2, what Riachu is to Pikachu. Both Riachu and the OG Four 2.0 are advanced versions of their predecessor, but the OG brings more upgrades. Besides the five click safety loc, the OG has several new features separate from the Stok R2. The first is the new Lava-Quartz technology. Trading ceramic for a chamber completely made up of Lava-Quartz gives the OG a lower burn temperature. This allows for a 50% longer rip time.  Underneath the Volcanic Quartz Chamber are the air flow ports. The OG has four ports for a more effortless draw instead of two, while you vape.