What are Diffuser Beads | Climax Smoke Shop

Posted by Alex Peminski

Diffuser beads are located near our register and appear to be tiny balls in a tube. When these small beads are submerged in water, they increase in size. When multiple beads are added to a water pipe, the effect is comparable to a percolator. These diffuser beads work best in large beaker-shaped water pipes as many people misjudge the size of the beads, causing them to get stuck in small crevices of the water pipe. It is important to note that these beads increase slowly over time and usually reach their maximum size within 8 hours. It is not necessary to use the entire tube of beads in a single water pipe, 1⁄4 is usually more than enough. Even if it doesn't seem to be enough at first, remember they grow in size. Diffuser beads can be used until the water is ready to be changed and they are not intended to be reused.