Climax Glass - "Hatorade Bottle" 14mm Rig

$ 49.99
Type: Rigs
SKU: 551052001

This rig is shaped just like a sports drink bottle! 

It has a 14mm Male joint on it and comes with a glass nail and dome! If you purchase any applicable accessories including an extra nail  you get 25% off the accessories!

The bottle has a fused downstem with multiple diffusing holes at the bottom.

Comes in multiple colors so make sure to get one of each to complete the collection :)

Make sure to select your preference! You can have this piece with one of two options:

  1. A Borosilicate Reverse Bowl Piece for Dry Tobacco!
  2. A Borosilicate Glass Dome and Glass Nail for Essential Oils!

Whatever fits your needs more, they cost the same!