Help & FAQs | Climax Smoke Shop

If you have any questions or issues with our online store that are not answered here, we recommend emailing and you will hear back within 48 hours (M-F Only), or if it's urgent and during regular store hours (Mon-Sun 9AM-Midnight), call our Downtown location at (407) 440-4506!!

Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Do you pick up new artists?
    • Yes!!!!!! We LOVE expanding our collection and our family!
    • Please contact or call our warehouse for more details!!!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    • As a brand new store, we are not yet taking orders online but hope to start very soon!
    • Let us know your interest at!
  • What is your Return Policy?
    • We have a very clear listing of the Return Policy Here.
    • We do everything we can to satisfy all of our customers.
  • Do I have to pay sales tax?
    • Yes, unfortunately we all have to pay our taxes.
    • Taxes will be calculated based on our warehouse location (Zip: 32811)
  • How will Climax show up on my Credit Card Statement?
    • We will appear as "Climax Gift Shop"
  • What days do you operate?
    • Our stores are open 7 days a week, their hours can be found Here.
    • Our Online Store is monitored M-F 9-5
  • How soon do you ship our my package?
    • This, along will all other shipping info may be read in greater detail Here.
    • After your order is placed, our warehouse will process, package, and ship out your package by the same day (if before 2:00 PM EST) or by the next day (ONLY M-F 9-5)
  • What location will you ship from?
    • Our main warehouse is located in Orlando, FL (32811).  We will ship from a USPS near there
  • Do you take orders over the phone?
    • Yes, based on availability, if you call 407.440.4506 during operating hours.
  • Same information will still be required.

Please let us know how to make your experience better!!!