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Shipping Policy

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How will my package appear?
  • Where do you ship out of?
  • When will I get my package?
  • What happens if something arrives damaged?
  • Do you accept returns?

How Will My Package Appear?

At Climax, customer privacy is one of our main concerns.  Our packages come with no extra outer markings, only a shipping address from Climax Gift Shop.  We do everything we can to be discrete.

Our packages (if they fit) are shipped in Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes.  If your item is an odd shape, or if it requires more security or padding, it may have to be mailed via a Standard Shipping Box.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

We will provide you with tracking information if you email us and request it.

If you are buying something that is over $1,000 we will also require you to sign for it when you receive it.  If you wish to cancel this, or if you wish to add a signature to an item that is less, you may email us and request it.  

Where do you ship out of?

We ship out of the U.S.A!

Our Main Warehouse is in Orlando, FL.

When will I get my package?

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping Times do NOT include any processing time for gathering, packing, and creating orders.  After you have placed your order, our team works as hard as they can to get your items wrapped up and packed up safely.

If you place an order M-F before 10AM, we will do our best to ship it the same day.  However, there are one-in-a-million circumstances.  If something happens and we are unable to ship out in the same day, we guarantee it WILL be mailed out within 2 business days.

Our WareHouse does not operate on recognized US holidays.

ALL packages are shipped via USPS, unless you specially request otherwise.  

What Happens If Something Arrives Damaged?

ALL of our packages come with a 100% guarantee that they are in perfect working order.

If any part of your package arrives damaged or defective, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact us ASAP.  If more than 48 hours have gone by, we cannot offer a 100% exchange.  We recommend opening and checking everything as soon as it arrives, even if it is a gift.  

See our Exchange/ Return Policy.

We understand that your item is VERY important to you, maybe it was a gift for a loved one, maybe it was a necessity you spent your last $50 on.  Whatever the case, we know that when something goes wrong in the order it is not fun for anybody.  

We ask (politely) that you PLEASE REMAIN CALM!  Getting worked up and angry only makes matters worse.  We have a highly trained staff whose whole job is to make you happy! Relax! We want you to come back and bring your friends, but while we resolve your issues just stay relaxed and we do everything we can to assist you :)

We will replace any item with a factory damage/ defect in a timely manner.  

ALL items to be considered for an exchange MUST be in 100% brand-new condition.

Please see our Exchange/ Returns Policy for more information, read the FAQ’s, or just give us a holler if you have any issues!

Do You Accept Returns?

We do! Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis, so you need to Contact Us to see how we may resolve any issues.  

Read our Exchange/ Returns Document for all of the information on this.