Storz & Bickel - Mighty Vaporizer

$ 399.99
SKU: 415017001

The Mighty Vaporizer is one of our most popular vaporizers, and is one of the most popular on the web!  
It has State of the Art technology that combines the amazing vapor quality of the Volcano Vaporizer with an equally reliable portable battery power.  

The Mighty features only Three buttons!  A Power, a Plus, and a Minus.  
This makes it very self-explanatory for any newbie to just drop their tobacco in and go!  

It houses 2 18650 batteries, allowing for 10 full bowls to be vaporized between charges.  

The temperature can be adjusted by the degree to your personal preference and will remember it after you turn it off and back on!  The device also features a vibration to tell you when it is ready to go!  


  • 1 Mighty Vaporizer
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Liquid Pad 
  • 3 Screens
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Mill
  • 1 Loading Tool
  • 1 Set of Extra Seal Rings
  • 1 Manual

Part #: 415017001