S Tea - Super Green Malay

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Super Green Malay is a mutual strain having neither stimulating nor sedative effects on the body but does stimulate the mind. It has one of the highest alkaloid contents with antioxidants and health enhancing benefits. This strain is known to allow one to think more creatively, so for those who are experiencing a ‘writer’s block’ or want to allow ideas to flow more easily this is the strain for you. Super green malay offers major pain relief, numbing pain receptors to reduce awareness of fatigue or suffering by increasing the blood flow throughout all parts of the body.


Also, this strain is known to decreases blood pressure, regulate sleep cycle, reduces stress, and relieves social anxiety. Suggested intake is 2-6 grams but varies on the user’s body weight, anything over 10 grams might be harmful to the body. Effects last 6-7 hours


The six states of the USA in which ketum  is entirely illegal for use, possession, and purchase are Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.