Yocan Delux Box Mod Kit

$ 35.99

Yocan Delux Box Mod Kit

Its a 2 in 1 vape which can be used with oils and concentrates. The atomizer is switchable.

The mini mod battery can be removed fro the bigger battery.

How to use it:

To turn on, click the button 5x times quickly.

To change the temperature, click the button 3 times quick.

To use the unit, slide the magnetic atomizer to reveal the coils. Place a dab of concentrates on it and close the mouthpiece. Choose your temperature and heat it up.


  • 510 Thread Connection
  • Two Batterys: 1500mAh box mod and smaler 450mAh mod batteries
  • Variable Voltage Option
  • Compact and Portable
  • Can use for oils and concentrates
  • Two Coils: Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) and Ceramic Coil

    Inside the box:

    • 1 x Mini Box Mod
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Yocan DeLux Box Mod 
    • 1 x Oil Atomizer 
    • 1 x Magnetic Connector 
    • 1 x 510 Threaded Concentrate Atomizer 
    • 1 x Yocan Tool Box 
    • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable 
    • 1 x Yocan Tool